Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Travel: Amazing Thailand

When we moved to Thailand back in 1998 the Tourism Authorities had launched the slogan 'Amazing Thailand'. It is so true. Thailand is amazing. It is now four years that we had to move on but we never stopped coming back once or twice a year. Whenever we arrive in the heat of Bangkok there is this amazing spell, 'smooth as silk', that makes us feel at ease right away.

It is the heat that makes me slow down, it is the smile in every face that makes me smile too. It is the lush green of the plants that pleases my eyes, it is the smell of frangipanis that seduces me. It is the respect paid to foreigners that makes me feel special. It is the affordable life style that makes me feel rich. It is the tropical design of fabrics and furniture that inspires me. It is the foot massages that makes me relax. It is the delicious food that makes me feel good. It is the daily sunshine that makes me happy. It is the tropical rain that I love. It is the white beaches and the warm turquoise sea that makes me dream.
- What a wonderful country! -

Above: Thai woman making the 'wai' from Marriott Hotel Phuket website
Mosaic from left: Jim Thompson Andaman Sea Fabric collection from Elle Decoration Thai Issue, Sala at the Marriott Phuket from website, Oriental Hotel Bangkok Authors Wing form website, Frangipani, Bird of Paradise, Opium daybed;


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I couldn't agree more! Thailand is an amazingly beautiful place. Love the design esthetic. And the food is my very, very favorite in the world.

When we lived in Nepal, we went many times, and once were evacuated there for a good period of time. (To the 4 seasons - such hardship:-))

I would love to go with you one day!!! A girl can dream:-)

Anonymous said...

Thailand is the Italy of Asia. Great food, sunshine, beaches and friendly people having fun.


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