Friday, 25 May 2007

Shanghai Impressions

For the weekend I just post some of my favorite Shanghai photos:

Click on the mosaic to enlarge.

More Shanghai photos with description at my flickr account.

Photos copyright by -Suzie-


Princess Haiku said...

These photos engage the senses simultaneously- old world with the modern.

Ian said...

Nice pics Suzie, thanks for sharing.


Rodrigo said...
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Fenny said...

Hi Suzie,

this is first time I read your blog. I am big fans of decor8 and I found your blog from there.

Me and my hubby will go to Shanghai this coming Aug2007. I heard some people said it summer but some said it already autumn... which one is correct?

Thanks your your help..:)


-Suzie- said...

Hi Fenny,
it should be summer! However, the climate is strange these days. E.g. here in Beijing, it is already summer in June with almost 40 degres Celsius. So autumn might arrive earlier. In Shanghai is more rain, but it is still hot in August.
Better check the weatherforecast with CNN or BBC before you leave, so you know what to pack.
Have a save and exciting trip!

Fenny said...

Hi Suzie,

Thanks for your info. I expected for autumn as I stay in the country that only have 2 seasson. But I am sure I will enjoy my trip :)

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