Monday, 4 March 2013

About this blog and closure with China

It is almost five years since we have left Beijing.

Here in Thailand, where we live now, sometimes, I come across people who also have lived in Beijing. Then we have our subject: "How did you like Beijing?", "When have you been there?", "Where did you stay, and how long?".

And we compare life here in Bangkok with life there in Beijing. And we speak of Beijing in high tones. How we liked riding our bicycles around town. That we all studied Mandarin. And how interesting life in China was. Then we laugh about some funny episodes. How fast everything developed towards the Olympics. And how much more Beijing is developed versus Bangkok. And that they do have a city planning!

But at the end, we all say, how sad it is, that China is polluting its country and putting its own people at risk. So badly, lately. Air, soil, water, food, all polluted. It is getting worse and worse.

Just yesterday, I met a lovely couple. She is working for an EU organisation, he is a journalist writing for Time Magazine among other. They just have moved from Beijing to Bangkok. They have moved away from China for the same reason some of my other friends have left the country.

Air pollution is always reason number 1. Before food scandals, heavy traffic and Internet issues.

Last week, another friend left China after 13 years of successful and happy life in the Middle Kingdom. You can read his "Bye Bye China" at Shanghaied Weblog. He and his wife searched the globe for a new home and decided for Vancouver, Canada. Their kids will grow up in a much more healthy environment and experience nature. (Read also Marc's opinion on

So, what has this all to do with my blog?!

I loved living in Beijing. And that is why I was writing about living in Beijing. And I wanted to keep the blog going. But maybe I need a closure with China?

After having left China, writing fresh posts about Beijing related subjects became more and more difficult for me. Sometimes, lovely PR people sent me press material about cultural events and upcoming exhibitions in cool galleries. But, I don't feel motivated anymore posting news that I cannot experience in person.

I am not going to close or delete this blog. There are visitors on Beijing Notebook every day. And yes, readers still can get valued information from my well researched articles. Most posts are valid for ever.

I even think to finally write some more posts about the TCM lessons I took with the "guru". It is a pity to leave his wise words unnoticed in my tiny handwritten notebook. His knowledge should be on Beijing Notebook, at least as much as I have learnt from him.

Dear readers and subscribers, please keep subscribed and come back. This blog will be updated again and stay open for interested readers and comments always.


Miguel Roberg said...

I just moved to Beijing and I have to deal with the pollution everyday. It is really bad and not sure how long I will be able to handle it. I hope Bangkok is treating you better. I, also, love bicycling around town on the good days. Best of luck. Maybe you can start a Bangkok blog if you haven't yet.

- Susan - said...

Dear Miguel,

nice to hear from you. I am glad to see that newcomers to Beijing still land on my blog!

Coincidence, my husband was in Beijing today, he said the sight at the airport was not great, all grey, but it did not look like smog - it was windy yesterday.

Hope you make the most out of your stay and enjoy lots of blue sky days!

Miguel said...

It wasn't too bad today. It snowed in the morning and then rained the rest of the day. I hope I get lots of blue sky days to enjoy. Also, I like your blog looks like a lot of useful information.

- Susan - said...

Snow, sounds nice! Thanks for the compliment. I want to contribute some more info that I have not shared yet. So come back! ;-)


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