Thursday, 28 August 2008

lost in transit

Night Vision
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too much routine is killing her

without routine she is lost

like a butterfly in the wind

the melancholie of an ending journey
good byes, tears, heart ache

was it real?
is it lost?

nothing has changed
back home
time seems to stand still

people seem to not see
is it?


her past

memories on her skin, in her head, postcards

and a full moon
for all somewhere
lost in transit

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

8 Reasons why I don't want to be in Beijing during the Olympics

I am sitting in the South of Italy, sea view and sunset.
And I think of Beijing - every day.

Especially since August the 8.
The TV is on. Italians are winning quiet some medals!

Of course, how can I not think of my hometown of 3 years?!

People ask me, if I miss Beijing?

No. I think it is some internal protection that does not allow me to be emotional about it. That's why it is a clear and fast: No.

People ask me, wheather I would like to be in Beijing right now?
During the Olympic events?

Again: No.

And here are 8 reasons for my NO:

1) August always was said to be the worst month of the year - climate wise.
Hot and humid. Rains. Grey skies.

2) Beijing right now is not the Beijing how it was before and how it will be after the Games. It is not authentic.

3) There is so much security that moving around is less easy and less fun.

4) It is holiday time for expats and Chinese but going to a park with your kids would be difficult, unless you can ride your bike to the park. Transportation is an issue, you can use your car only every second day and most taxi will all be taken and subways will be overcrowded.

5) Some of the fun bars and restaurants were said to have to closed down during the Games. Some of them near the worker stadium for security reason. So maybe less fun at night.

6) I am afraid of crowds. You never know in those crazy days. It is just better to avoid crowds to be on the save side... of course you could always be hit by the schoolbus (but not in August)

7) Similar to point 6) but more clear: I am afraid of terr*rist att@cs. I have seen a picture of the military rockets they have next to the National Stadium to shoot down any airplane - just in case.

8) I don't enjoy the political discussions / demonstrations before and during the games, where some people of other countries tried to express their thoughts in front of the - mainly foreign - media. I think it is an offense to all Chinese people. It is a small group of reigning people that are to blame and not the entire people of China.

Beijing will change to normal again in October.

The Opening Ceremony I saw on TV. But only the entrance of some nations. I had an dentist appointment, unfortunately, it was not planned, but it was excactly at August 8, 8pm Beijing time. A painful appointment.

I am in Beijing with my thoughts.
I am thinking of my expat friends that have decided to stay for the Olympics. I hope they enjoy this time. And thinking of our Chinese friends, hoping they are doing fine.

And as I said before, I hope for peaceful Games until the very last day.


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