Monday, 4 June 2007

Chinese Medicine and its Healing Power

Since I am often suffering from allergy related cough, especially at night time (is it the contaminated toothpaste?), I went back to see my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctor. He said curing allergies is one of the easiest task in TCM. Once a week I get either acupuncture or cupping, accompanied with a gentle neck massage. Further, I am taking tiny white round pills in the morning and in the evening with warm water. But most efficient seems his advice to avoid cold food and drinks. Since I stopped eating ice cream or yogurt or drink cool drinks in the evenings, I have a better chance to sleep well. I will keep you posted about the allergy treatment as results take time.

The other thing I wanted to inform the world wide web about is the healing power of TCM with Parkinson's disease. Lately, I met this man in his 60ies at my TCM 'guru'. He is German and suffering from Parkinson's disease. He came to China to see this Chinese doctor. He got treatment every day for about three weeks. And he felt better! He got massage and acupuncture combined with special exercises and herbal medicine. He felt less stiff and had his extremities better under control. I really do not know anything about that disease (thank god) and how it is treated, but I was curious about the effect of his TCM treatment. So, I recently asked about his well-being after his return to Germany. Apparently the positive effect is still there but has slightly decreased. He still does his exercises and of course needs his western medicine as well. So I guess, Parkinson patients should get continuous TCM treatment. Which is difficult to find in the West as not many doctors are well-trained and seriously practicing TCM. Here in China you pay about 100 RMB (10 Euro, 12 USD) or less for one TCM session and depending on your medicine another 100 - 250 RMB for herbs that last up to two weeks.

And one more last report about the TCM healing Power. My son, almost 4 years, was suffering from frequent respiratory problems. He had already three lung infections (two had to be treated in hospital, one of them in China). In autumn and spring he was suffering from Croup cough (Pseudo-Krupp). He had almost every three weeks one attack. Bronchitis and asthma was often diagnosed. The TCM doctor I am seeing is not specialised in these kind of problems however once a week he works together with another TCM Professor. So I went seeing them with my son. The Professor looked at his tongue and knead his fingers. Then they discussed the findings and asked me questions. Only my doctor speaks English and translated for the Professor. I got a recipe for a herbal tea that included among other 'earth worms'. It smelled and tasted terrible. But luckily I got my son to drink it twice a day for two weeks. At the same time I stopped his cortisone treatment. The first think I discovered was his increasing appetite. Finally he would eat a good portion. I guess, all facts together improved his immune system. He was not sick for two months now. Knock, knock on wood. Saying this, things change, that is Murphy's law with kids. And actually he started coughing yesterday. But different from the other times his immune system seem to be able to battle the infection by itself.

Recently, I learned the following about that Chinese Professor. His grandfather was the doctor of the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Wow! That connects my son with the last Chinese Emperor through two persons only! And it did magic.


Diane Dehler said...

I hope that your son continues to improve with the alternative treatment. It is so worrisome when one's children are not well.

- Susan - said...

This time, he seems to recover from his cold without getting fever and more. I am not afraid anymore when he caughs once!

Ian said...

That was a really interesting post Suzie. I have a friend whose Mom has Parkinson's - I will share this post with him. Talk soon.


- Susan - said...

Ian, I am happy that my blog from time to time seems useful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for that entry on croup. My daughter has croup at the moment and I was searching to see if herbs could help. You answered my question :-)


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