Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What you want to know about Sexy Beijing's Sexy Christmas

In this Sexy Beijing video from December 2006 Su Fei tries to find out about the Christmas spirit that seems to invade China's capital every year. What do Chinese people think about Christmas? What do they know about Christian customs and what do they know about Jewish Hanukkah?

Although China is a communist country and Christmas is an official working day, Beijing is decorated with Christmas trees and full of Santa Clauses like any other capital in the world these days. Flower markets in Chaoyang district have been selling natural Christmas trees and Advent wreath with four candles. The sales person often not knowing the meaning are smart enough to know the foreigners' demand. Christmas seems like a fun holiday - as it should be - and as Chinese people do like most Western things they also "copy" Christmas - at least the decorative and fun part like getting together and exchanging gifts.


 HAPPY Holiday to all of you !



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