Welcome to random observations of life in Beijing. This blog is updated sporatical.
I hope you find helpful information and pictures for your stay in Beijing.

Author and Editor


my name is Suzie. I enjoyed living in Beijing for three years (2005-2008) as an expat spouse. In my free time, I wrote this blog, learned Mandarin, studied Chinese painting and got to know TCM and Feng Shui a bit better.

I still have friends in Beijing and travel to China - out of Thailand, where we are now based.

If you have questions - or want to "sponsor" this blog - contact me:
writing (dot) suzie (at) yahoo(dot)com

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My other Blog

Palazzo Pizzo:
I am also writing about a house renovation in the South of Italy at  http://palazzopizzo.com/
This blog I started on December 31, 2006 to document the progress of the renovation and the funny stories that envolved in Calabria.


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