Sunday, 24 June 2007

More Mao

Beijing Fable 1998, Photography 71.5 x 100 cm by Gao Brothers

This photograph belongs to a series of four photographs ....

.... that together are an 'Installation on Tiananmen' 2000, Photograph each 100 x 67 cm (total 10.000 USD)
by the Gao Brothers.

It is apparently criticising Mao by showing the rotten frame of Chairman Mao's picture at the entrance of the Forbidden City at Tiananmen Square.

Miss Mao No2, 2006, Sculpture 210cm x 140cm x 150cm, by Gao Brothers

A poster, seen in Dashanzi Art Center, Beijing

'Mao Dishes', ceramics by Li Mingzhu.
The artist criticises with his 'Mao Dishes' those who make money with Mao's face. 'It is like eating Mao's face' he said in his studio in Songzhuang Art Village, east of Beijing.

Mao-Kitsch, Mao-Pop Art, criticising Mao or criticising making money with Mao - at the end it is all Mao.

Is it about 'coming to terms with the past'?

If you want to discuss the popularity of Chairman Mao in China, you are welcome to leave a comment.

I am off now to good old Europe. And in three weeks I am here.

More art info, details and pictures at the following links:
Gao Brothers
798 Space (part of Dashanzi Art District)


Princess Haiku said...

Hope you enjoy your trip and looking forward to seeing what you post upon your return.

-Suzie- said...

Thank you princess.

I am waiting here for more comments about the Mao cult.

And I am writing about why I am writing - to be posted soon...

Ian said...

Wow, I loved that post. Have a great trip!!!



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