Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Beijing: ... more fresh art

I went to the Creation Gallery yesterday, to see the latest work from Du Jie. I really liked 'Watching the clouds' that I posted yesterday.

But then I found this other painting from Du Jie, called 'Living in the countryside', same size (68x68cm), same price (16000 RMB). I might even like it better. It was not framed yet. They hold it for me in the frame next to 'Watching the clouds' to better compare. I think, I prefer 'Living in the countryside'. I love the mix of styles. The mountain is kind of traditional Chinese ink painting while the countryside is more contemporary style. And the colours, again, are a wonderful composition.

Regarding 'Watching the clouds' from yesterday's post, I found out that the turquoise dots are not the clouds but some bushes, trees... the clouds are white ... of course!

I cannot buy everything I like, right? Mmmh, I am still thinking in Beijing ...

Photo: from Creation Gallery.
Visit the link to find the biography of Du Jie, more of his paintings and other Chinese artists.


Princess Haiku said...

This is a beautiful post and I like what you are doing on your blog. Will check back regularly and linking.

-Suzie- said...

Dear Princess,
wonderful! Thank you.
See you here and at your blog.

maureen said...

Suzie, I love both of these paintings -- watching the clouds and countryside .... too bad you can't buy both and hang them near each other on your walls. I agree with you on the colors and mix of styles in Countryside -- parts of this one seem almost like torn paper collage. It has a harmonious, happy composition.

Watching the Clouds, for me, is more cerebral - it makes me think and feel. It is not only a happy painting -- somehow it also has a small melancholy but I cannot explain why. It is as if I (the viewer) am looking down through the light tree canopy at a scene below ... life happening and I am watching, as theatre maybe.

Anyway, good luck choosing. I would have an impossible time choosing just one.

Thank you for the link to Creation Gallery - I love not only Du Jie's art, but some of the other contemporary artists as well. Here is another of Du Jie's I am drawn to.

-Suzie- said...

Hi Maureen,
thank you for visiting. Actually the painting with the horse was framed and hanging next to the 'watching the clouds'. I prefer the other two. I could buy both... but I am not Rockefeller that could make a quick decision over these fairly priced paintings and have several big villas to choose where to hang the paintings.
When I showed them my husband, he shoked his head and turned around to a more modern one, that I liked too. It was a naked women with nice breast but far too small head. Although the painter was female I did not like it that much. I think Henry Moore had the same proportion-style. Maybe I will post the painting I am talking about.
I agree about the painting with the clouds. It looks like you are watching from the sky to a scene below. That's why I first thought the clouds are the green dots... silly me.


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