Monday, 21 May 2007

Beijing: Fresh Art

This painting is one of the new works from Du Jie and can be seen at the Creation Art Gallery at the North East corner of Ritan park. It is called 'Watching the Clouds'. I love the colours and the perspective!

It is Wash and Ink on Rice Paper, 68x68cm, price: 16,000 RMB

The new works are on show since Monday, May 21st, and last for one week.

For further information call Lolita: +86 13691286363 from Creation Art Gallery


Ian said...

Very interesting...I'll share this post with my "artsy" friend - she would love to see it.


-Suzie- said...

I went to the Gallery yesterday. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the colours are more bright and flashy on the computer screen than in reality. And I found a second painting from the same artist even more interesting because of the colours and the mix of traditional and contemporary style... I am going to post that next.
And thanks for sharing my post with your friend. Did she like it?


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