Wednesday, 16 May 2007

No Comment

Dear Reader,

thank you for stopping by. You do not really have to comment on my post if you do not like to.

But no comments at all? Mmmh... it is a little bit frustrating... just a little bit, yes, I have to admit. When I started blogging, I considered the blog as a personal playground for writing. But then I looked around and saw all these beautiful blogs and blogger-ladies and gentlemen that get tons of comments. So, I started thinking, maybe that is a sign of a good and interesting post. It is indeed. (Although there are good posts around with no comments - and I am not talking of mine now). Take for example my new blogger-friend Maryam from My Marrakesh. She is unbelievable popular, her posts read like fairytales and she gets 30 comments in average. Thirty! Great posts of her get over 60 comments.

Okay, I am not competing and I should not compare. But I learned over the last six months (that is about how long I am blogging) that comments are something nice to have! You get to know other blogs and you feel rewarded. So, slowly I could see how my writing started to try attract more readers. And as it did not, I think I have to review my intention as blogging is time and energy consuming.

Yesterday, I gave my blog URL an old friend from the States. He used to be in IT, but has retired and moved to some rural area in Northern California. I am saying this because maybe it's explaning his response (via email): Suzie, I have to admit, it is the very fist time I have ever gone to any blog, so I really do not know what to do there.

This made me think. I have lots of non-blogging visitors. And I remember that anonymous comment from the Netherlands saying: when you are not writing about personal life you should focus on one special subject.

I feel like my blog is a mess. And before closing it down I will change something. So far, I had fun writing. But maybe I post too many details. Mmmmh... Why don't you leave me some nice comments right now? Now, I could really use a comment! And this is what blogs are for: to communicate around the globe.

Thank you for leaving your thoughts!

Bye for now


PS: I will not further post until there are at least 3 comments! ;-)
PPS: Feel free to comment on older posts!

Remark: You do not have to have a blogger account to make comments. Just use your name, nickname or anonymously.


Princess Haiku said...

Here is a comment, Suzie. I don't receive that many comments but I do get a lot of hits on my blog every day. It is important to register your blog in directories and rss feeds. That way, people who have a particular interest can find you. A generic blog tends to not get as many hits as a blog with a specialized focus. a particular focus gives people clues about how to relate to you.

Good luck in blogging and you could try visiting some of the people I have linked. There are some friendly people there.

If I was to ever visit Beijing what are the five most wonderful things to visit?

-Suzie- said...

Dear Princess Haiku,

I am pleased to meet you.
Thank you very much for your advise.

I know about search engines and rss feed (although the latter I have no idea how to do). And of course I know about links and visiting links, leaving comments to attract people to follow you back.

And thank you for giving me a hint about a next post :-)

I am going to visit you now.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

You know, I have basically surmised with commenting that it is only other bloggers who comment on my blog. People who visit, including good friends, just don't comment. They might send me an email.

I have plenty of sympathy for what you are saying. It is frutrating to put a lot of time and effort into what you are saying and then not have people comment.

I have to agree, it's best to have a niche blog where people can say - oh you know that Beijing blog that is all about great stuff to do, where to shop, what to eat, etc. in Beijing?

PS Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

-Suzie- said...

Thanks Maryam. You are always so supportive. You must have a blackberry everywhere you go ;-)

I am working on my five things to do in Beijing. Thanks for the hints again, also to Princess Haiku.

PS: one more comment is missing before I continue posting! I am blackmailing my readers! How funny is that?

Ian said...

Suzie - have a great May 24th long weekend!


Marc van der Chijs said...

Hi Suzie,
Don't worry about comments too much, most of my readers use RSS to read my blog and cannot even comment (or read the comments!). True, blogs should be two-way communication, but most are more like a good-old newspaper: no interaction.
At least you have 3 comments now, so you can keep on blogging :-)
And thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. As you have seen I survived!

Paul O Mahony said...

Hi Suzie,
your blog is great... i actually sent you an email by mistake:)

-Suzie- said...

Thank you very much for your supportive words. I am sitting here smiling :-) and of course I will continue... I think I am already a bit addicted to it and won't stop soon.

The statictic counter also tells a lot. But of course it is nicer to know a bit of your readers. So, I myself will also tell a bit more about me in the future to make it more fun.

Melanie said...


Don't sweat it! Your blog is beautiful. It can be frustrating to feel like you are talking to "air", but the pos feedback will come and meanwhile, just enjoy doing it for yourself! It's a great, new form of expression that allows us to make our own little positive ripples in the world.

Angeline said...

hi there susie ... your site is lovely and wonderful. I love asia too and you make me so jealous to be in Beijing. I have reccommended your site and will visit often. xxangeline

-Suzie- said...

I feel the ice is broken. One comment attracts another. Thank you all for your support. I am happy to get to know you (at least a bit).


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