Saturday, 19 May 2007

Happy in Beijing

Dear Blogger-Friends and Friends,

thank you for your supportive words. I am sitting here and smiling and won't stop blogging any soon as I might already be a bit addicted to the daily creative dose.

I thought it is a bit funny to blackmail my readers to comment on my blog. (If you do not comment, I stop posting). I had this idea when I came across a German blog ( where the blogger (Patrick) offered to comment on posts that had zero comments. You just had to let him know the link and he would go to your post write a serious comment. I saw that I am not the only one who is a lot more happy with a comment than without a comment.

So see you back soon, at my blog or your blog.

Best wishes from Beijing - have a long or short but nice weekend,



S. Camille Crawford said...

Good morning from Toronto. I just dropped by to see who the person was that won Princess haiku's 'Guess my favourite Bob Dylan song' contest.
I enjoyed reading your reviews about Beijing hotels. Althought I have never thought about visiting Beijing seriously, I know would like to go!

Kind regards,

-Suzie- said...

Hi Camille, Beijing has some atmosphere left that is very Chinese and romantic.
I would also never plan to visit China unless for Business... but now I am living here and enjoy it.


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