Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Beijing Peony

The pink peony is Chinese painters' favorite flower. And the pink peony is in a famous Beijing pattern. The pink peony often comes along with a blue rose and some exotic bird on red, blue and green background. Although it is a beautiful pattern, the business man and woman of the souvenir shops focus more on silk. I know only one shop selling peony pattern pillow cases (in Liangma Flower Market, stand 23, one case for 15 yuan). Some shops sell peony pattern notebooks. I personally own about a dozen pillow cases with the peony pattern and bought peony pattern fabric in blue from Miyuan Fabric Market to make a table cloth. Recently I discovered the peony pattern on a postcard (picture above).

However, Philippe Starck, him again, seems to have discovered the same interest in the peony pattern (maybe while designing the interior of Lan restaurant in Beijing). I was well amazed to see his Ghost chairs padded with 'my' Beijing peonies.

Again: China Style goes gobal...


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