Monday, 28 May 2007

... offline in Beijing

Yesterday, my laptop refused to restart. That was around lunch time. In the evening my husband's laptop crashed. His laptop was repaired at his office during the day, today, while mine will be 'diagnosed' tomorrow and I might have to wait a couple of days, if not longer before I get it back! That is terrible! How can I keep you all posted? I have so much to report.

At the moment I just borrowed my husband's laptop. He has a different key arrangement and all the blogger menu is in Chinese... so it slows me down...
The good thing was, that in the afternoon, I sat in the garden with pencil and paper writing two posts in an very old fashioned way. That was a nice change. One post will be about an Peking Opera star and one will be about a cashmere fashion designer based in Beijing.

The visit of the art village, today, was totally different than expected. My friends and I thought that we might 'discover' some 'starving' artist and get some nice art work for a good deal. However, the artists that were introduced to us today had already contracts with established art galleries in Dashanzi 798. No painting under 3,000 USD !!! One was for 30,000 USD, but then the artist said, oh no sorry, it is 300,000 USD. I am still not sure if he ment Yuan (RMB) or USD. But everything was priced in USD there. The more successful the painter the bigger his house and exhibition area. Nevertheless, it was interesting and I took many pictures from fresh art and young artists.
coming soon...


Helen said...

I just came across your site and I wanted to say "Hi" and that I'm enjoying your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Helen!

And some news about my laptop:
it might take TWO WEEKS to get it back from IMB/lenovo ...
So my posting will be a bit limited. Sorry. I will try my best with my husbands laptop at night.



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