Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tagged !

I always enjoy reading a blogger’s personal notes in a meme-game. It reminds me of my old school days when you had to write your favourites into colourful albums. Now, I was tagged by Ian (Ocean Front) in Newfoundland, one of my faithful returning visitors.

And here are my answers:

10 years ago I was...
…living in Germany and celebrating with my boyfriend our first anniversary in Rome (we are now in our seventh year of marriage)

1 year ago I was...
… still acclimatizing to life in Beijing and starting to learn Mandarin.

5 snacks I enjoy:
All sorts of chocolate (from Ferrero & Lindt) and marzipan and Italian ice cream (are these snacks?)

5 songs you know all the lyrics to:
* I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)
* You are too good to be true, can’t take my eyes of you,…(?)
* La vie en rose (Edith Piaff)
* Paff, the magic dragon lives by the sea … (from my son’s kindergarten)
… and many other children songs

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
* Invest part of the money so I can live from interests until the end of my life
* Buy a house at the beach in Thailand
* Pay school fees for children of an orphanage
* Study painting, art history and interior design
* Invite friends and family for nice holidays every year

5 bad habits:
* I am not very patient
* I am too straight forward sometimes, not very diplomatic
* I don't like to respect rules (that I consider stupid)
* I go to bed too late and love to sleep in the morning
* I am lazy and enjoy it

5 things I like doing...
... reading, writing, travelling with my husband, getting a foot massage (including a back, head & neck massage), drinking Champagne with girlfriends and red wine to a good meal (even one or two glasses too much), surfing the Internet

5 things I will never wear again...
… my beautiful wedding dress ...
… the orange helmet for skiing downhill when I was a kid…
and I still own clothes that do not fit me anymore hoping that I will loose my extra kilos one day ;-)

5 favorite toys...
* my notebook
* my new Canon EOS 400 D
* flickr (I love to see all these beautiful photos and share mine)
* interior design magazines & books
* paper and pencils (always in my purse to make notes)

Now, I guess the rule is to tag five more people. It is not easy, because most have been tagged already althoug with different questions. I hope you enjoy the game, because I will tag you ladies:

Gaile (in Candada)
Kim (in Canada)
Maureen (in Montana)
Mette (from Norway)
MidcenturyJo (in Australia)

Photo: from Alice via flickr.com

PS: I am tired of blogging ... I am gone for a foot massage ;-)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am glad to learn more about you! I love marzipan, too.

I have stopped doing memes because I feel it is not Morocco or travel story related (you see, I try to stick to my niche). I would do a meme if it were about my five favorite things to do in my city.

Just related to the niche/comment thing.

-Suzie- said...

yes, you are right. But people know a lot about you already. I thought it is okay to just introduce myself a bit.

Why don't WE START a meme about the five things you would do in your city ? Okay, I will tagg you soon :-)

Ian said...

Suzie - that was awesome to read, thanks for playing. Like Maryam, I don't plan to do many memes but I feel connected to my favorite bloggers and when one tagged me, I felt the need to reciprocate.

Take care.


PS - I had a massage yesterday, it was great!

-Suzie- said...

Ian, I did the meme for you! Well cause you are my favorite commentor beside Maryam ;-) big smile!

I will tagg you soon for the 5-favorite-things-to-do-in-your-city-meme, okay? Maryam is going to start it soon.

And I forget to say: if I were a millionaire, I would have a private masseuse massaging me every day! How about that? And she would be there for the friend/family holidays as well.

Anna said...

Hi Suzie, when I first started my blog I too felt a bit sad that not many people left me comments but I do agree with Maryam in that most of the comments I get now are from other bloggers. My friends may send me the odd comment or email. Keep going - you have some beautiful pictures here. I love seeing all the pretty colours of China!
Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog

-Suzie- said...

Anna, thank you for coming over to visit my blog. And thanks for the warm support. The thing is that I did not tell anybody that I am blogging, as I wanted to see how it turns out. Now that I am spending much time on it (and having fun with it) I would like to be more social and get rewarding comments, at least from time to time. Thanks for being so open!

PS: I guess I left a big statistic track behind me as I loved to check out your favorite sites ;-)
You have a great taste! Everything you recommend is great. Thank you Anna!

maureen said...

suzie - can you believe I just now discovered that you tagged me? hahah. I am not very good at regularly checking blogs. So I also don't do memes very much. In fact, I think I have only maybe done one or two memes. I will try to do this one because you asked. It might take me a while because this is the busy time of year for me in my work. So I will see you around. Don't worry too much about comments. I have noticed that I have about 600 visitors a day (way more than I thought) and sometimes I only get one or two comments. No big deal - I like my blog -- I love writing and making art and taking photos. As long as I am still enjoying it, I don't really care if people comment.

Still.... you are right that comments are nice to have. It helps us bloggers know if people are actually interested in what we post. Otherwise it's a bummer to have only the site statistics to see if anyone is reading. ;-D

-Suzie- said...

Of course I check my statistics and can see where you all come from. And it is nice to see more and more returning visitors. But after a while it is not enough and I want to get a feed-back.
So thank you all! The ice is broken.

William said...

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midcenturyjo said...

Suzi I have just seen that you tagged me. I'm so sorry that I missed it when you first did it. It was great reading a few things about you. I am so envious that you are living in Beijing at such an exciting time and that you have access to all that fabulous shopping, fakes and all. You know we get thousands of visitors a day at desire to inspire and only a few comments but I too love checking where the readers come from on my stats. I'm always amazed that people come from all corners of the world to stop by the blog.


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