Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Beijing: Fake more Expensive then Original

In Beijing it can happen even to an experienced shopper to buy a fake that is more expensive than the original!

In my case I bought a fake (I guess so) I am not a Plastic bag by British designer Anya Hindmarch. I had no idea about the original prize, 5 GBP (or 7,50 Euro) and all the hype behind this bag. The salesgirl asked for an initial price of 230 kwai (about 23 Euro). I thought about what I would like to spend and offered her 50 kwai. But I saw that there is no way I could get it for that price. As I did not want to play around too long we made the deal at 80 kwai, about 8 Euro. This was at Beijing's Silk Market.

The same day at home I found an article about my new bag in some local magazine. Due to the unprecedented demand in South East Asia and the concerns for customers safety the launches at the stores: Anya Hindmarch Beijing, On Pedder in Shanghai and On Pedder in Jakarta have been cancelled.

A few days later, hanging out with my new bag at lunch, I met a British friend that stared at my bag and asked me where I got it. She could not believe that I found it at the Silk Market. She has tried to get in in London, but no chance, all sold out. It was then, I found out, that I had payed (slightly) more than the original sells for. Maybe, after all, it was not such a bad deal. I had not to queue or to fight for the bag. And maybe, after all, I got a 'special edition' as the letters of 'I am not a plastic bag' are stitched on my bag, not just printed.

I am happy with my new shopping bag. It is simple, comfy and stylish. And I am definitely saving on plastic bags that are given away for free at supermarkets here in Beijing. If you are coming to Beijing, check out the markets. The I am not a plastic bag is available in all kind of colours for about 4 Euro and up - depending on the quality and your negotiation skills.

No more free plastic bags at supermarkets - by law - starting June 2008
I bought another "I am not a plastic bag", for 50 kuai at the Silkmarket. That is the price for the ones without the stiching. I think it was then when the friendly vendor gave me for my 100 kuai a fake 50 kuai bank note as change. - So again! Fake more expensive then original!!


Anonymous said...

Please, I will send you money in advance if you have the time to purchase that bag for me.

Thank you,

You know who. Felicia

Anonymous said...

oops, Felicia at

Thanks again

-Suzie- said...

Dear Felicia,
thanks for commenting and asking. However you are not allowed to send fakes out of China. At least not via the regular post offices as they check what you send.
I know, you live currently in Seoul - Korean are the best bag fakers in Asia. Have you checked the local markets?


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