Sunday, 16 September 2007

Beijing and the Risk of Drinking Water

I wanted to start painting again, this time on a daily basis. The first thing that came under my eyes was my Nestlé water bottle. While drawing and colouring I remembered what I recently read in the newspaper:

Half of Beijing's bottled drinking water could be fake. The 'fake drinking water' is either tap water or purified water of miscellaneous small brands, poured into empty barrels sealed with quality standard marks.

Another day I read that Beijing's tap water is drinkable. It passes all the tests - however before it runs through the old underground pipes to your home. So it is not drinkable. I brush my teeth with it and I cook my pasta in it. But I never would drink from the tap or buy bottled water from an uncertain source.

Instead I buy the bottled water for the cooler as well as the little bottles for the handbag from Nestlé, hoping that they have an effective quality control in place.

China Daily about fake drinking water
China Daily about potable tab water


Heather said...

I have the barreled water in my house and office. It is just a local Chinese brand, so I am a little concerned that it is not really quality water. My Chinese colleagues tell me not to worry - they themselves wouldn't drink it if it was not good quality. There is a water filtration center here at the airport where I work, so at least I know they are attempting to clean the water!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

Chinese drink also tab water. I saw some in the street, maybe not your collegues. So I hope your water is okay.

Thanks to your blog (profile) I found the book I heard of many years ago, the one about TCK, Third Culture Kids. I am going to get is now!


Anonymous said...

For your information: In American english, the words are Bottled Water, and Tap Water. Not barreled water, and tab water. Steve.


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