Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Beijing and Wondermilk - Can we trust the Organic label?

Last Friday evening in my local Jenny Lou supermarket they had run of grapes, bananas ... and milk - at least my favorite milk brand, the one with the Great Wall on it. So I had to buy that new organic Wondermilk that comes in half liter packs and is the most expensive milk of all: 13 kuai for 500 ml, that is 2,60 Euro for a liter of milk! Anyway, I wanted to try it out. The taste is just normal - like milk tastes back in Europe. I realised that other Chinese milk has a bit of sweetness. But the most alarming thing that popped into my eyes and that is why I am blogging about milk today. There was a label saying:


That means: for the last two years I might have offered my child milk with antibiotics and hormones!?! Maybe I should go to Carrefour and buy milk by the French brand Le Président, this I think, might be as safe and is less expensive. And after all, it is French and not Chinese. I am sorry, but I have lived in China long enough. I cannot trust anybody or anything. Something labeled organic does not mean it is organic. Chinese are able to fake everything. I wish I could have more confidence. Wondermilk sounds like a great project with 'happy cows and happy employees'.

For info about the project check directly Wondermilk, China


Jeff said...

I hope this message finds you well. I am actually a family member of the company founders for Wondermilk in Beijing. I found your blog by doing a google search on "Wondermilk." My name is Jeff Tseng and I am a senior medical student in California where I grew up. The milk is actually of the highest quality produced in China. The information you read on it from the website and news casts are valid. The farm follows the same guildlines as does American farms since a lot of the investors are Americans. If there are any other questions or concerns I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for your time and for trying the product.
Jeffrey Tseng

-Suzie- said...

Hi Jeff,

thank you for leaving your comment! Actually I studied the wondermilk website and hope they always follow their guidlines (e.g. sick cows on antibiotics have to stay away until they are okay again). It really sounds like a great project. Unfortunately the milk is really expensive. But since I 'discovered' the wondermilk and tasted it, I am a loyal customer! I do really care what I am feeding my child (and me). - The Green Yard products seem good as well. Their yoghurt tastes great.

Greetings from Beijing to California,


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