Wednesday, 28 January 2009

2009 bloggies awards: Beijing Notebook almost famous !

Yes, unbelievable, this blog, Beijing Notebook got nominated for the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards, aka the 2009 bloggies !

Before you start to wonder why you have not seen Beijing Notebook listed.... : this blog got only nominated, but it is not among the finalists. However, I thought it worth to post about it, because I, the author and editor and owner of this blog got so excited for a couple of days when I discovered (via my statistic counter) that this blog SOMEHOW got on the '2009bloggies.panelist'.

So thank you to whom it may concern! It made me happy to see that some people believe that I am doing a good job on this blog ! Thank you for nominating Beijing Notebook and thank you for voting for my blog ! I promise I will do my best to be nominated for the 2010 bloggies next year - and then - maybe - this blog will enter the final !

It is not about winning (not for me, not for this blog), it is about being part of the best of the best. And if this blog would have been among the finalists - I don't even know for which category my blog was nominated for, I guess rather 'best asian blog' then 'best travel blog' - the competition is tough !

As Beijing Notebook probably was nominated for 'best asian blog' I want to present all the 5 blogs that entered the final:

Danwei (Beijing, China)
Tokyo Times (Tokyo, Japan)
Asian Ramblings (China)
Susie's Big Adventure (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Bryan Boy (Manila?, Beijing?)

You can go here and check out all the finalists in each category and VOTE ! You only can vote for ONE blog in each category ONCE. HURRY, voting closes February 2nd.

I wish all the finalists good luck !

And if you want to know for whom I am going to vote as 'best asian blog': check out my blogroll... while in Beijing they were my daily read and helped me to find two jobs... so for me they are no.1 - for sure in Beijing !

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