Thursday, 22 January 2009

101 Feng Shui for exterior settings - a must read for (Beijing) property buyers

'Traditionally, feng shui was important in choosing a place to live and finding a burial site, along with agricultural planning.'

After my recent introduction to Feng Shui in Beijing, I would like to continue to write about Prof. Zhao's lecture, held at the Chinese Culture Club in Beijing.

And so he started with the exterior settings of a house which are key for good feng shui:

1) The ideal location for a property was (and still is) to have a mountain in the back and water in front !

2) The property ideally should face South !

3) The number of inhabitants should be in balance with the size of the house ! Not too many people should live in a small house and few people should not live in a big house.

4) The complex or house should be build in harmony and in right proportions ! Example for harmony: the traditional Beijing courtyard house that has a garden in the middle and all buildings face the courtyard. Ideal shapes are square or rectangular.

5) The wind around the house should not be too strong to protect the smooth flow of qi. In Beijing there are some streets and corners that are much more effected by wind then others.

6) Before you buy a property you should check the earth and the water where you want to live. In Beijing's West and Northwest the water quality is good and the property prices are higher then e.g. in the South of the city.

7) The house should have some free space in front and should not be blocked by a high raised building.

8) Modifications of a location to achieve better feng shui are possible.

To achieve a good feng shui, good qi (energy) = good luck, consider the following for your property choice:

- not too close to a temple (or church), this might overwhelm you with too strong energy (even though it is positive energy)

- not too close to a prison

- not too close to a waste dump

- not too close to a slaughter house

- don't choose a single lonely high raised building among low raised houses and vice verse don't choose a small house beside sky scrapers (not balanced!)

- if your neighbour has no 'grass' in the front yard, it symbolizes that he is poor which is not so good for a balanced neighbourhood

- your house should not stand at the end of a road and face a T-crossing

- a building with a sharp corner that faces your house implies bad feng shui.

According Prof. Zhao, the Sunflower building near Liangma Flower market in Beijing has the shape of an ax - which is considered as bad feng shui for the Sunflower building and the neighbourhood with the result that the prices for property goes down.

To be continued... the next 101 will be about interiors

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Niko said...

that is so interesting - and helpful of course. Thanks for sharing!


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