Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Beijing: Passport Photo Shooting

Today I had to get photos of myself. My visa for China must be re-newed and I need two photos same style as for passports (light blue background, new regulation).

First I didn't want to go as I felt terribly tired (jet-lag) and I looked even worse. But then I thought, come on, it is only for a visa application and not for the passport that you have to show for the next ten years. So I went there, smiled, click, click, done. What I totally forgot was the editing part. The editor eliminated all my freckles, deleted my latest pimple, cut off my mole on the neck, 'botoxed' my wrinkles on the forehead and whitened my cute suntan! After this beauty surgery, the editor became a hairdresser and cut some of my hair sticking out of my ponytail.

For job applications or sweetheart's wallet you can get the prettiest picture of you if you want, but for a passport or visa? I mean, does the police agree with that? Maybe they need to know about my mole to identify me one day? Beside I do not really know where I have a mole and maybe I do not care when they need to identify me ... but these edited pictures look so immaculate. Although I am happy with my look, today I didn't mind the little pimple erasing job. And I can picture what botox could do one day ;-)

Anyway. I got nine of it (I only need two) for 50 kwai (5 Euro).

3 comments: said...

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Ackworth Born said...

Never heard of passport photos being photoshopped before. We can get four for £3.50 locally so that price sounds fine.

-Suzie- said...

Hi ackworth born,
that's Beijing. Surprises everywhere. Good and bad. You get a lot more for your money here, but the quality is often not the same. However the quality of my pictures was of course okay after all that 'surgery'.


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