Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Back in town

I am back in town after a seven weeks holiday...

Did I miss Beijing? - No.

Was I looking forward to return 'home'? - Well, let's say I was looking forward to the change. I like my different life in China. And in Europe, our Italian holiday at the sea was over and in Germany all friends are on holiday right now.

Today at the airport it was very crowded at the immigration. I have never seen so many people in so many lines. We had to wait over an hour! This must improve within one year!

The only one in the family who really couldn't wait to return to Beijing was our son. He was talking about his Chinese friend and his ayi the whole flight. And he was jumping in our drivers arms and asked him to drive faster, faster to our house.

At home the ayi was waiting and our son jumped in her arms with a scream of joy while I was wondering what she was doing all the time since one third of our fish population in the aquarium has died and two third of my flowers and plant died. My bathroom I am cleaning myself. At least I know that its cleaned then. I gave up to tell her or teach her as she has a total different understanding of 'cleanliness'. What's wrong with dirt behind some flower pots as long as you do not see it? And what is wrong with lime stain in the bathroom when you are used to share a squat toilet with 100 other people on the neighbourhood? I just have to get used again to the difference in hygienic standards. She is great with our son and that counts more.

Some good news: the sky is blue and clear. Indeed, the air looked not that bad from the plane. And its hot. I thought August is the worst month in Beijing. But today I was told it is July. So maybe the Olympics will have blue sky in 2008, as planned! Although Chinese are already afraid of a 50% chance of rain on 08-08-2008 at the opening ceremony. But the Chinese weather makers are able to control the clouds.

When I was on holiday I did not check my links from China Daily or Danwei for news from Beijing. So I am not sure what I missed beside the pre-Olympics-Party. Before I left Beijing in June, I read these breathtaking stories about poor job seeking men who ended up in slavery in brick kilns in western provinces. Meanwhile these stories went around the world and Beijing government is acting - although a lot are still missing, as I read in a German magazine (Der Spiegel). This is the dark side of the world... every country has its crimes. But this kind of organized human right violation is frightening.

The bright side I am looking forward to right now is a foot massage in the next days and some updates about Beijing, refreshing my Chinese, maybe painting and some more writing.

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