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Beijing: Beachvolleyball and Tips Before Wearing a Bikini

The final and the bronze medal match of the 2007 FIVB Beach Volleyball Women's Challenger were staged in Chaoyang Park in Beijing last Sunday. This was the first test event for Beach Volleyball one year before the Beijing Olympics. The Brazilian pair Angela Vieira/Danielle Vivian remained unbeaten for the title with a victory over the Chinese pair Yue Yuan/Zhang Wenwen. The Thai pair Kulna/Yupa Phokongpoly edged out the Swiss pair Sarah Schmocker/Isabelle Forrer to finish third.

The participants praised the venue and were happy to simulate the situation of the real Olympics, including weather conditions.

Pictures from Beach Volleyball 2007,

Will Beach Volleyball bring the 'Bikini' fashion to China?

The magazines this summer are full of sexy beach fashion. However, most of the Chinese women (as other Asian women as well) usually do not wear these two-peace beach wear. It is not decent to show bare skin and not popular to get a sun tan. So they avoid the beach, sit in the shadow or wear t-shirts for swimming. Quiet reasonable and healthy ...

But then there was this article in China Daily for Chinese women:

- Tips before wearing a bikini -

With the opening of China's economy, women are also becoming more open about showing their bodies, and they can do it with bikinis in the summer.

This swimwear is becoming popular among Chinese girls. But before wearing a bikini, there are a few things women need to know before donning a bikini.

Many women will try to lose weight before wearing a bikini. Yet fashion experts say that in order to look attractive in a bikini, the following things are more important than weight.

Tip 1: The color of your skin means much more than the color of the bikini you wear.

According to a survey conducted by an international fashion magazine, tanned looking skin is more attractive to men than perfect body curves on beaches. So when going to the beach, apply foundation darker than the one you use in office.

(...) And for a glittering touch, add shimmering powder to your collarbone, shoulders and cleavage to make you look sexier.

Tip 2: Pay attention to little corners of your body.

Women don’t pay enough attention to their backs, elbows and knees when in the office, but you need to make up for it before setting out for a beach.

Before you go, have a hot bath. It will help soften the hard skin on your back. If you can have someone scrub your back, it works even better.

For knees and elbows, apply a polishing cream with big grains in it to exfoliate the dead skin.

Bruises can also diminish the looks of a charming lady. The way to get rid of them is to use a tube of yellowish correcting cream, apply it to the bruised area, and then cover it with some dark foundation powder.

Tip 3: A bloated body is far from attractive

During traveling, lack of sleep and adapting to a strange place can both lead to a bloated body.

To prevent the body from swelling, don’t wear tight pants or socks and wear low-heeled shoes. If you body is bloated, here are four life savers:

No.1 Drink four to five glasses of Job's tears water (Chinese barley) the day before you go to the beach. This helps drain extra water from your body.

No.2 Massage slimming cream or massage oil onto your body for 15 minutes, and the next day you’ll have a slimmer body.

No.3 If you don’t notice you have a bloated body until just before starting for the beach, drink a cup of black coffee with an empty stomach and that can drain extra water out of the body quickly. But this method isn’t very good for the stomach, so avoid it if you have a weak stomach.

No.4 If all three above tips fail, here is the last suggestion. Make your arms look slimmer by putting your hands on your waist Akimbo arms make arms look slimmer and leaning the body forward at a 45 degree angle makes whole body appear slimmer!

Tip 4: Have a pair of charming feet.

A pair of neatly groomed feet adds to your charm. Moisturize your feet. Bathe them in hot water and then apply some body lotion to your feet. Wrap them with thin plastic wrap and warm the feet with hot towels for 10 minutes. Paint your toe nails. Pearly white and bright red are mostly commonly used nail colors. When applying nail polish, leave some room on nail edges to make nails look more delicate.

Tip 5: Give skin after-beach care.

Direct exposure to salty seawater and strong sun rays harms the skin and makes it dry and then peels. Some skin is even allergic to ultra violet rays. So it’s necessary to take special care of the skin within one hour after coming back from seaside.

Cool your whole body by having a green tea bath. Soak a make-up pad with a cooling lotion and then keep the pad in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Pat burning areas of the skin with this pad and keep it on sensitive areas like shoulders, back and chest for 20 minutes. After this cooling treatment, apply a soothing gel to supplement water to the skin.

(from China Daily, August 13th 2007)

? What do you say?
Dear China Girl, if you think about wearing a bikini, don't be afraid after that article. Life on the beach should be fun. And btw, who has hard skin on the back?

I don't know if the author of the article was male of female. It is quiet entertaining, but scary regarding this is meant seriously. One more tip from me, that was forgotten in the article and is the most important thing before going to the beach: SHAVING!

I think the Chinese Beach Volleyball girls did all right, see picture above.


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Thos poor girls, standing around all day with their arms held at just the right angle, a tummy full of barley water, and make up all over their body at the beach!!

-Suzie- said...

Hi Karla,

if Chinese Girls are shy to wear Western swim fashion, this article will not help. I wonder if this article was written by a very young woman or an old man?


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