Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Fang Xiang at Creation Gallery in Beijing

It is time to post something beautiful. I have not been painting or posting paintings for too long. Yesterday I got another email from Lolita from Creation Gallery at Ritan Park in Beijing. The gallery shows new paintings from Fang Xiang, one of my favorite Chinese painters. He is more popular among expats than among Chinese as his paintings are not 'traditional'. I like his paintings because they are calm and lively at the same time. They are full of Chinese elements, like bird cages, Chinese doors and chairs, lilies and bamboo - without being 'too Chinese'. The colours he use are vivid, the compositions just beautiful....

I am not a professional painting reviewer, just look for yourself and visit Creation Gallery.

From the gallery's website I got Fang Xiang's resume:
His works have appeared 'in many provincial and national art exhibitions and have won numerous awards. Many of his works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Czechoslovakia, America and Canada. His works are part of the collections of China Art Museum, Associations of Chinese Artists, the Academy of Chinese Painting, and etc.'

The painting above is called 'A Narrow and quiet path', 136x34 cm, Wash and Ink, 52,000 RMB (about 5,200 Euro).

This one is called 'Courtyard'. It is in horizontal format, that means you do not necessarily need to have a pair. (34x136 cm, Wash and Ink, 52,000 RMB - about 5,200 Euro).

Sigh, the price is high. I should have bought something from Fang Xiang in Singapore many years ago, when I first saw his art. At that time I hesitated. Cannot remember the price, but he also was not cheap at that time.


Anonymous said...

I own 6 of his pictures from various trips to China. His work is beautiful and unique.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful indeed.

San Francisco

Anonymous said...

You should buy it the next time you see it, else, the price might go higher and higher. I like this artist too.


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