Friday, 19 January 2007

Chinese Diet

My Chinese Doctor says food can change our genes.
If we eat bad food, the cells can change and later the genes and we can become sick. Vice versa, if we eat good food, we are improving the cells and change the genes in a good way and stay healthy.

In order everybody stays healthy I want to share his version of a Chinese Diet.

Foods to be avoided (forbidden):

1. Cold Foods: Foods that are refrigerated or frozen, especially ice cream, cold drinks, ice water
2. Foods of Cold Nature: e.g. green tea, watermelon and pears (food of cold nature cause the body too cool itself)
3. Gas Foods: Oranges, orange juice, sweet potato, soda drinks (e.g. Coke) (cause gas in the stomach)
4. Fried Foods: French fries, fried chicken (KFC) etc.
5. Stress Food: coffee, beer, spicy food
6. Toxic Food: Seafood, lamb and duck

Activities / Exercises to be Avoided (forbidden):

Jumping, running, weight lifting, golfing, tennis, horse riding, sit ups, crossing your legs, computer work;

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