Monday, 15 January 2007

Craig's First Bond First Shown In China

For the first time famous British spy ‘Ling Ling Qi’ (‘007') is coming officially to China Mainland. After 44 years, ‘Casino Royale’, achieved something no other Bond movie ever had – it was approved by the Chinese censors. This has nothing to do with Daniel Craig alias Bond, James Bond or the content. It is China preparing to be more modern and open minded. Remember, China is meeting the world in 2008...

But back to Daniel Craig being Bond. I have to confess that I was one of those sillies who signed the funny ‘Daniel Craig is not Bond’ petition. 1) Because I am a big fan of handsome Pierce Brosnan and Craig, 38 does not look better or younger than Brosnan, 53. 2) Because Craig apparently dumped lovely German actress Heike Makatsch for an affair with crazy model Kate Moss.

But of course I am not that silly to boycott a Bond movie for this. I saw it on DVD and have to say this is a new type of Bond. Craig is no gentleman. He does lots of things different: the car (Nissan?), the martini order, the Craig made ‘Ursula Andress-scene’, the verbal Omega Product Placement, Craig's almost resigning etc. And the scenes are more brutal. Take the opening scene where Craig drowns his enemy in a sink of a public toilet. No comparison to the great opening scene of ‘Goldeneye’ and its great soundtrack.

No matter the critics, when you are a fan of Bond movies you go and watch ‘Casino Royale’ anyway. The movie will be shown in Beijing cinemas from January 30. If you cannot wait that long, get a pirate copy DVD e.g. at Jenny Lou’s supermarket for 10 RMB (about 1,20 USD).

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