Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Beijing Air Pollution Summary 2006

As announced last year I publish today my summary of the 2006 air pollution index of Beijing. I deem it special that the Chinese government publishes these figures. I wanted to compare European cities with Beijing and was unable to find such a precise statistic from any other country… maybe someone can help me?
But what I found out is that e.g. Munich had already passed the 35-day-goal of the European Commission at the end of March 2006 – while Beijing had passed it on February 4th with 35 bad days in a row. To remember: a ‘good’ or ‘healthy’ day is considered a day with less than 50 mgr of PM10 per cubic meter. (PM10 = particulate matter / Germ. Feinstaub)

Beijing Air Pollution Summary 2006:
2006 had only 26 'healthy' days.
The other 329 days were polluted.
Among these, seven days reached level five (400 to over 500 mgr/m3 of PM10)

Best month:
JULY with five healthy days! (July 13, 18, 22, 25 and 26)

Worst month:
APRIL with two days over 500 mgr/m3 of PM10 and no healthy day! (April 9 and 10)

Best day:
September 4, with only 28 mgr/m3 of PM10!

Worst days:
April 9, April 10, May 17 and December 12 with over 500 mgr/m3 of PM10

For further information e.g. impact on your health:
Australian Government, Department of the Environment

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