Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Beautiful Beijing

I think I am falling in love with Beijing. Winter is so beautiful here. The air seems so fresh and clean. The sky so blue. I should take pictures here and there. The city and life is changing so fast that taking a picture today means shooting tomorrow’s history….

Instead of making own pictures I came across and searched for some Beijing shots. Wow, I am impressed what great shots are posted there. Here is a link for Beijing Winter Photos

And here are some of my favourites:

Beijing on Ice by Dror Poleg

Hutong by Stephen van der Mark

Liu Li Chang by Natalie Behring

I am impressed by Natalie Behring. I checked out her website and read an interview with her. She is a photojournalist based in Beijing. And she is really good. I think she does not live far from where I live. I am not sure if I can dare to contact her and ask her whether she can teach me some techniques. But maybe I get a camera first…

After liking her photos I discovered that the cover of the new Insider’s Guide to Beijing 2007 is from her and much more of her photographs can be found inside. Yes, she is really good. She shows Beijing the way I like it.

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