Friday, 18 April 2008

Beijing: Furniture and Deco Shopping

Shop North of Silk Market

Where to shop for furniture and decorative items in Beijing, beside IKEA... in only a few days, I received this questions from three different readers. Two have just moved to Beijing, like Kata from Vilijonkka & tyttäret (WELCOME !) and want to decorate their new homes - and one is Suzy Annetta from Studio Annetta, an interior designer from Hong Kong who will come to Beijing to decorate show room apartments, meaning that she can shop with her customer's money. How nice!

I am happy to hear that my blog is "extremely helpful" ! And hope that list below will make you even more happy - it includes some of my favourite shops, I have seen them all (in Beijing, you might find the addresses of these shops in Chinese language in the Insider's Guide to Beijing or in urbane magazine):

Western Style:

- COFCO, different shops downstairs, including Bo Concept (Denmark), Ligne Roset (French), and Zizaohshe Design (interesting elegant Chinese)
- Easy Home, many big blue mall style outlets that including many brands of everything from flooring, toilets to furniture
- Boloni Lifestyle Museum, modern Italian style including curtains (also at Easy Home)
- Leslie's Fidelity Interior, modern furniture tailor made (moved to 4th ring)
- Dara (now at Dashanzi)
QM Furniture (Danish design, Chinese prices)
- Fontainbleau, fabric for upholstery and furniture to order, e.g. Louis XV chairs (small shop, in walkging distance North of Silk Market) <-- exist="" not="" p="" still="" sure="" they="">- Muxiyuan Fabric market for more fabric including cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, fur ... all for your own designed cushions, upholstery, blinds...
SPIN, hip ceramic (from Melbourne) made in Chinese traditional way (Lido area)
- Kartell, having a sale right now because they are closing (?) - just opposite SPIN in Lido - they also do copies of some designer furniture, but nor of Kartell
and of course
- IKEA for some good designed affordable furniture and accessories
- Ilinoi Home, some good accessories, cheaper than IKEA

East meets West ceramics by SPIN

China Style:

- Chaowai 'Antique' Furniture Market (I bought my daybed, picture below, at Cathay 2nd floor - others like Lilly's Shop, same floor opposite side)
- Gaobeidian (many 'antique' shops in the South of Beijing)
- Zizaohshe Design, contemporary elegant Chinese (COFCO)
- Radiance, 'antique', has two shops now, one specialised in Shanghai Art Deco (in Shunyi)
- Karolina Lehmann, lamps, silk screens, wallpaper, ceramics (Latai Flower market)
- Latai Flower market, downstairs many Chinese ceramics, lamps and more
- Liangma Flower market, ceramic, (also Western style), glass, artificial flowers upstairs
- Emperor, silk cushions, table runners
- Shanghai Tang, classy expensive China Style accessories
- Panjiayuan, week end flea market for decorative items like posters, paintings, brushes, vases, but for furniture not that great
- George, for lamp shades in silk (he can make a lamp out of everything), difficult to find in Shunyi

Chinese daybed in Chaowai Furniture Market

... long list... I have to go now and will update if I forgot something important. If you feel like I forgot something, let me know.

Happy Weekend ! Happy Shopping !


Vilijonkka said...


Laitai I've found by myself, but in the list there was many new places that sounded interesting. The lists in Urbane and tbjkids are so huge that it is different to choose (-never satisfied?!).

Suzy said...

Thanks Suzie! Hope to see you in Beijing soon!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Sounds like quite a multicultural store...

- Suzie from Beijing - said...

Sorry, I forgot to label the pictures, they are from different stores:

1) Fontainebleau, specialized in upholstery and furniture to order
2) Spin, hip ceramic
3) daybed via Cathay Antiques in Chaowai Furniture Market

Xander said...

I actually wish we had an Ikea here in Bangkok- it's always nice for picking up some minor essentials. -X

- Suzie from Beijing - said...

I know! I lived in Bangkok 5 years and missed Ikea for cuttlery and plates etc. However I bought some plates on sale once at Central Chidlom, and on the back was printed IKEA! I don't know why they are not having an outlet there. Even for simple book shelves you need to find a carpenter in Bangkok, right?

But I ENVY you for living in BANGKOK !
Sawadee ka!

Liz Lee said...


Could you Please give me the contact details for:

- George, for lamp shades in silk (he can make a lamp out of everything), difficult to find in Shunyi"

I did a search online, but couldn't find an address or phone number. Is the place called "George"?


Jorge said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
- Suzie - said...

Hola Jorge,

I can recommand my favorite juwelery shop: 'Fine Jewellers' opposite the East Gate of Workerstadium, in the China View building (also opposite Yashow, more or less) Hooters is in the same building. Get a VIP card and always 10% discount and invitation to special discount days. I love the pocelaine pendants.
They are of better quality than in the 'Shard Box' shop near North East corner of Ritan Park. But I also can recommand 'Shared Box' for unique pieces at reasonable prices.

Hi Liz Lee
sorry for the late reply for the address of George, the lamp maker. The answer was on my blog already... in one of my posts I posted the article I made for urbane (tbjhome). It contains George's address even in Chinese and his phone number (essential for drivers as he is very difficult to find - in Shunyi), follow the link:

Best regards

- Suzie - said...

sorry, above I wrote once Shard Box and once Shared Box, correct is: Shard Box

E said...

One of the best places in COFCO Plaza Furniture Garden for high quality custom furniture is Profound Design ("Bofang"). Pleasant to deal with, great fabrics, always take responsibility for their work and as a result supply top designers and some of the major five star hotels.

Annabel said...

Please can someone post the addresses for Fontainbleau and

thanks, A

- Suzie - said...

the addresses are all in the blog. Read carefully.
Can't be more precise, sorry. Walk some meteres north of silk market in the main street (same as the place) and you will find Fontainebleau on the left, see picture, not to be overviewed. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


I am looking for some contemporary green furnishings. Do you know of a store? Bamboo furniture and such.

Michaela said...

Do you have any recommendations for tailors in Beijing that can make cushions for furnitures if I bring a cover that I would like to have copied? Thanks a lot for a great blog.


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