Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Beijing Daily Pictures

These days I have to run some errands and while stuck in traffic I took the pictures (above: new CCTV tower and neighbouring constructions taken from the 3rd ring road while driving from South to North) out of the car. We had a couple of grey days lately. The visibility was poor and the air quality not better. However today, the sun is making her way through and Beijing looks friendly again.


roberta said...

ciao, ho letto della battaglia legale tra Italia e Cina riguardo la copia dei Ferrero Rocher e che sei stata tu a scoprire i Tresor dore. Complimenti e viva sempre il made in Italy!

- Suzie from Beijing - said...

Ciao Roberta,

I don't think that I have discovered the fake Ferrero Rocher chocolate. When I researched I thought a law case was already going on or pending or just lost.

But I am glad to her that the fakes have to disappear. I will check how fast this will happen!


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