Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Beijing's Olympic Heroes

Today I found these pictures on TooManyTriples flickr page *) (via Danwei).
She named them "Olympic Heroes".
These two words say it all.

However let me add a few words: Around one million migrant workers are working in Beijing. Most of them (at least 90 %) are construction workers helping to build the 'new Beijing'. Among the several thousand construction sites are the Olympic stadium (aka the bird nest), the swimming stadium (aka the water cube), the new airport (already in operation) and many other modern buildings and infrastructure for the Olympic Games that start August 8.

Since March 20, all earthwork construction projects on windy days are suspended and all construction sites will latest close on July 21 for a period of 2 months in order to reduce dust and improve air quality. Then, while the construction sites are closed, most migrant workers will be sent home (rumours).

While googling 'migrant workers in Beijing' to provide actual data I saw this link http://www.hrw.org/english/docs/2008/03/12/china18244.htm... but cannot open the website ... oh, of course not, because 'hrw' stands for 'human rights watch' ...

I found the article elsewhere unblocked. Sad, sad, sad.
I hope the smiling heroes above will be rewarded appropriately.

*) When I wanted to copy the link I found flickr blocked... the Net Nanny or Chinese Fire Wall is unpredictable. What was open a few minutes ago is blocked now. - However, for the Olympics the Internet will be open. This is a request by the IOC. (I will add the link as soon as I can open it. Meanwhile you could find TooManyTriples via Danwei above or go directly to www.flickr.com).

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