Friday, 1 February 2008

Beijing: February Urbane issue

The February and second issue of urbane is out. I checked it online today - the whole magazine can be read online - and saw the Water Cube on the cover (I posted about it before).

They feature an interview with John Pauline, the architect from Sydney-based architecture firm PTW, which is in charge for the project.

They also feature my article about my German friend's house in Lanebridge. She is a fashion designer and I posted about Ira Walendy before. She moved with her husband and two kids to Beijing in 2005 (like we did). It was really interesting to do a "homestory By Design". I got the chance to work together with talented photographer Judy Zhou and was asked to advise on rooms and angles. We had far more great shots then got published. Regarding all the beautiful pictures, the editor made it a 6 page story instead the usual 4 pages.

See below how an expat family - whose housing is covered by the employing company - could live in Beijing. Not too bad! Read the article online here, page 48 ff OR click below on the pictures to enlarge:

One of the pictures that did not get published is the minimalistic fire place with a free floating stone shelf (photographed by me):

And here a list (left) that I deem very interesting for travellers :
It is the latest list of   Beijing Boutique Hotels   - published by Urbane magazine.
(click on the list on the left to enlarge !).

I found Urbane today at Jenny Lou. It is distributed again together with That's Beijing.


heatheronhertravels said...

Congratulations on your article - I've only been published in my local parish magazine!

Emma said...

Your blog is proving to be invaluable! I think I must squeeze in Beijing on my forthcoming trip...

Salome's Mom said...

My jaw just dropped to the floor. That is one beautiful apartment. Exactly the kind of decor my husband and I love. Congratulations of the lovely article.

heatheronhertravels said...

Now you've inspired me to write a short piece about my own small publication success.


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