Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Funny Sexy Beijing episode under attack

I have to post another episode of Sexy Beijing right now. These amateur clips are funny. But some Chinese student thought it is offending. Most people do not get it why this harmless episode about Chinese choosing funny English names for themselves is considered as 'imperial journalism'. The journalist Su Fei (alias Sophie) makes fun of herself, too. This is called humour. Nobody is loosing face in my opinion. Just watch it...

... and follow some links below for the strange discussion that is less funny than the clip:
- Danwei's reaction
- Some bad comments posted on youtube just after the discussion started.
- An American Chinese philosophy friend, Useless Tree, is defending Su Fei in an interesting post.

After the statistics Sexy Beijing's episodes seems to be even more popular among Chinese viewers than among western viewers. Danwei.tv's most popular program is Looking for Double Happiness which has got 272,092 views on Youtube, and 565,014 views on Chinese video sharing website 56.com.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Fascinating. I have always had a yearning to see China.


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