Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Beijing: Kenny G in concert 'mamahuhu' ?

As the Shanghaist I would not have listen to a Kenny G CD. And I never thought that a Kenny G concert would be entertaining. But it was last Saturday in the Beijing Exhibition Center Theater.

Kenny G, besides being the world most famous saxophonist and the best golfer among music makers (by Golf Digest) he is a smart entrepreneur. He knows that he alone could not entertain a crowd in a concert hall. So he brings along on stage some great musicians.

Among them most impressing and very charming Ron Powell (percussion) who entertained the crowd with a sensational solo performance. Powell is a star of his own, he played with Barry White, Sheena Easton, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, to name some of them, and now he tours with Kenny G.

The second highlight of the evening was Supergirl Li Yuchun, the winner of the national singing contest 2005. She has a fantastic voice that was unfortunately not so much to enjoy in the first minutes because of technical problems with the microphone. She sang the Chinese hit ‘The moon that represents my heart’ in Chinese and ‘Tell me’ in English.

Entertaining were also the ‘subtitels’ to introduce the songs. My favourite was ‘You are beautiful’ and the explanation ‘you have qualities that delight the eyes’.

I will definitely look for a CD from Li Yuchun and Ron Powell.
And I will listen to Kenny G in elevators and when it is 9pm at Yashow I will listen to ‘Home’ played over the loudspeakers so the vendors know it is time to pack and go home. Maybe that is why Chinese people love Kenny G’s music so much.

(Photo Kenny G with Li Yuchun from TheBeijingNews.com)

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