Monday, 16 April 2007

Beijing Olympics tickets go on sale

You can apply now for tickets for the Summer Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. When you live in China you can apply online at the official ticketing website.
In case you live outside China you have to buy your tickets through your national distributors.
In Phase two starting in October 2007 tickets will be on sale to the public. More information about the three phases to get tickets at China Daily. Find the ticket prices here. The Opening Ceremony starts at 200 USD up to 5,000 USD. (1 USD = 7,7 Yuan)


By the way, the little mascots' name is new. Before they were called the FRIENDLIES. But somehow this English name was thought to be associated with 'friend lies --> lies' and then changed to the much 'nicer' name FUWA.

Another name story...
; )


Ian said...

Hi - I have been a long-time visitor to your blog but have not commented before. I think it is great and I love your writing. The section on ex-pat life when your friend went back to Paris was beautiful.

I also laughed my a** off watching you interview Chinese people about their English names!

Take care


-Suzie- said...

Hi Ian,
thank you for leaving a comment. I can see I have visitors but I do not know if you like my posts. So thanks for encouraging me.
But I have to disappoint you about the Sexy Beijing episodes. I am not the interviewer. It is done by Su Fei from Danwei TV. And I like her too.
See you around on the blog


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