Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sexy Beijing: Migrant workers interviewed by Su Fei

Sexy Beijing TV is back !
Su Fei interviews Beijing's migrant workers about their relationship issues. The first part seems to be shot in Sanlitun.

Migrant workers life is tough. It is so different from what Westerners are used to, but also from what are most Chinese living in Beijing are used to. Migrant workers often are separated from their families. Only once a year they can afford to go back home. Most of the time they are not paid on a monthly base, only when the work is finished. They have no money to go out, or at least not enough to invite a woman for a date. Migrant workers sleep all together in containers, about 8 guys in a room (according to the interview). There is no room for dreams. They need to feed themselves first before wanting for some more. No wonder that good cooking quality is more important then good looks when one guy was asked about his choice of a woman!

When I cycled through Beijing I shyly took some pictures from some same shy migrant workers. Sanlitun was probably the place in Beijing where the poor and the rich world met most awkwardly.

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