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About the Year of the Ox and its Babies

Happy New Year of the Ox !

2009, the Year of the Earth OX started January 26, 2009 and ends on February 13, 2010.

What to expect from the YEAR 2009:

This OX year will bring stability and growth where patience and diligence pays off.

This is a year of Harvest (EARTH ox) - when we reap what we have sown. Take care of business this year, do not let things slide.

The SIGN of the Ox in general:

The Ox is thought to be the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. The Ox is a power sign, like the Rat, Snake, Dragon, Tiger, and Monkey. It is the 2nd sign in the Chinese Zodiac of 12 animals.

Attributes of PEOPLE born in the year of the OX:

People born in the sign of the OX are said to be stable, strong, dutiful, reliable, tenacious, practical, industrious, determined, honest, loyal, sincere, persevering and down to earth and tolerant. They can sometimes be lonely but they form firm bonds with home and family. The OX people cherish their private lives and are not usually very adventurous. They know the way to succeed is by a slow, steady, sustained effort. OX people are great traditionalists, they like the familiar.

However there are a few negative traits associated with the character of the ox that also is reflected through the people born in the OX years. Attributes like being materialistic, narrow minded, stubborn, with low public relations skills and also very far from being emotional are generally associated with people born in this year.

What to expect from BABIES to be born this year:

This child will NOT be a cry baby. It is unusually tough and can endure hardship. A rugged individualist, it tends to begin speaking late and would rather settle arguments with its fists. Stubborn and unyielding, it can turn the house upside down when he puts his mind to it. She or he is not the fussy type but will be adamant about the few concessions she/he demands. One of them will be privacy.

She/he won't resent discipline and in fact will welcome your fixing a schedule for her/him. The ox baby may insist on having its meals served at the same time each day but it will not be particular about food. It thrives on regularity; knowing where everything is and what is expected of him will give him a sense of security. A girl born under this sign will go for order and neatness at home.

The Ox youngster enjoys taking charge when mother or teacher is away and is stern and unsympathetic to offenders. She/he can and usually will give you an unbiased opinion, as he/she is not easily influenced or taken in by flattery. Instead of bribing or begging her/him to do something unpleasant, it will be more effective to simply tell them, "It is an order!" It is not argumentative by nature but you must gain its respect before it will obey you.

The ox child relishes teaching younger children and will show remarkable patience and perseverance in waiting for what it wants. Being the strong, silent type, it may not readily reveal his feelings. It can be deeply hurt and no one may even suspect it, because the Ox child is a very private person. Although it may put up a blunt, strong-willed and loyal front, the Ox is terribly naive about the realities of life. It needs to be protected in this respect and it will rely heavily on moral support from its parents, teachers and family.

At school, the ox child may be an exemplary student as he is not one to lock horns with the authorities. His serious and no-nonsense outlook on life makes him avoid joking or clowning around. He should be encouraged to express his emotions and develop his sense of humor.

Above all, he will be reliable and responsible. He will win the respect of his elders as well as his peers. The Ox child will be an outstanding example of both an excellent leader and follower and perform his duties well.


FAMOUS People Born in The Year of the Ox:

Johann Sebastian Bach, Shirley Bassey, Kate Beckinsale, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Bill Cosby, Oscar De La Hoya, Walt Disney, Moctesuma Esparza, Jane Fonda, Clark Gable, Jorge Garcia, Nomar Garciaparra, Richard Gere, Whoopi Goldberg, George Frideric Handel, Adolf Hitler, Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Rock Hudson, Saddam Hussein, Keira Knightley, Kate Moss, Eddie Murphy, Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, Pablo Picasso, Princess Diana, Robert Redford, Meg Ryan, Peter Sellers, Bruce Springsteen, Meryl Streep, Margaret Thatcher, Vincent Van Gogh and Sigourney Weaver are some of the well known people who were born in the Year of the Ox.

It was fun to collect these sort of info / horoscopes from the web. My sources and more to be found here:


new age said...

Also known as the Buffalo, the ox is both patient and meticulous with strong principles, and as such tends to be very stubborn. The ox is extrememly strong, and an excellent worker.

However, these traits also make the ox stubborn, and their sense of self reliance makes it difficult for them to ask for or to receive assistance. Don't go looking for an evening of scintilating conversation from an ox as they are poor conversationists, and unfortunately don't have much of a sense of humour either.

Oxen are ruled by conviction, and they are not often swayed from their beliefs. The ox's ability to criticise others for their own shortcomings is well known. The ox is not very good at coping with its emotions, and can become introverted and self-destructive when they fail to find a way of expressing their feelings.

- Suzie - said...

Hi New Age,
thanks! This pictures really the 'ox' or 'buffalo'! I know these kind of people also.
However, I am pisces.

Lara Dunston said...

How fascinating! And good to see you blogging about Beijing still.


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