Friday, 13 June 2008

Olympic Tickets for Sale

We have 6 tickets of the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing for sale:

2 tickets for Athletics on August 21st at 19.00 (AT15) Category B

2 tickets for Football Final on August 23rd at 12.00 (FB39) Category A

2 tickets for Closing Ceremony on August 24th at 20.00 (ZC01) Category A

The tickets will be issued in July. Only the tickets for the closing ceremony need to be transferred in your name before August 3rd (you need to fill out a form).

If you are interested make us an offer at writing(dot)Suzie(at)yahoo(dot)com

We ordered the tickets for us and now we are moving away from Beijing. As it is not sure we will make it back for the Olympics, we decided to sell the tickets to someone who is interested. Many of our friends here in Beijing have already enough tickets, therefore I thought I go public for this sale.

Update: The tickets are gone.
Our company helps with the transfer as a collegue takes them over.

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