Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Beijing: Photo update

New Parking at Panjiayuan Weekend Market! "New York style car elevator".

The origami lamp at the new Sushi Bar next to Kunlun Hotel, opposite Jia Yi (Taka Kura Sushi Bar, minimalistic cool interior, expensive, cannot beat Hatsune)

A kids party in Beijing. Most of the kids' birthday parties are big. All classmates are invited together with parents on a weekend. Sometimes there is a bouncing castle, sometimes a magician, sometimes there is face painting, there are some little games to play, there is always food and drinks of course and a big birthday cake with a sugar spiderman or barbie on top. And there was this party that had all of it plus an acrobatic show. Amazing.

A tree gets a police escort. Maybe a new tree in front of a police station?

The other bird nest(s) in Beijing. Can you see them? Actually despite the pollution there are many birds in Beijing.

Today I am glad to be able to access my blog, to sign in and to post words And pictures. What a progress!

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