Thursday, 17 January 2008

A Snowy Day in Beijing

Today it snowed in Beijing! In the morning I saw 2 snow flakes! Yes 2! My son did not see them but got excited when I told him. Other than you might have thought, it does not snow often in Beijing. The winters are very dry. But not today. The streets were white!

In the afternoon I was invited to have a look at a new project that I am going to write about in another issue of urbane. It will be a very exclusive and arty multi entertainment complex with bars, restaurants and a gallery. The project is called "1949" and is located in an old factory in the heart of Sanlitun. For now I am just posting a snow-covered sneak peak through the gate ...

It kept snowing all day! The traffic was rolling like every day (dense, slowly, unpredictable moves). But today, every 500 meter there was a car accident (rear-end-collision).

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