Friday, 25 January 2008

Colors in Beijing

It is cold and grey in Beijing these days. Many are suffering from a flue. Some have even more discomfort with unwelcome visitors: Due to the ongoing cold weather, and maybe due to the Year of the Rat on the doorstep, at night a bunch of mice are painting the town red... My house is on their party list too. Traps with cheese are loaded for tonight. I hope they move on somewhere else.

My grandmother said, dreaming of rats brings money. But I am not sure if that goes for mice in the house as well.

Anyway, here is some beautiful colorful art work to cheer (me) up:

These are two new paintings from the artist Fang Xiang. I love the serene atmosphere he is creating in his paintings.

Painting 1: Leisure time in Courtyard, 2007 - 68 cm x 68 cm, 52.000 RMB
Painting 2: Early Spring, 2007 - 68 cm x 68 cm, 52.000 RMB
Any further information: Creation Gallery, Ritan Park North East Corner, Beijing, tel. +8610 8561 7570

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