Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Beijing Bicycles - part III

A lot of bicycles are so old and shabby that you must stare at them. Not even a scrap dealer in the West would have such unique antique bikes. They are gems. They still run. Amazing.


Happy Birthday Beijing Notebook. Today is my blog's first anniversary. One year blogging, 110 posts.


petitefarragoes said...

these bicycles are beautiful, makes me wonder who rides them and what their story is...

sognatrice said...

*LOVE* these bicycles!

And happy blogiversary to you as well :)

laradunston said...

I love these bicycles also! I also love the film of the same name. And congrats on your first birthday!

Princess Haiku said...

Congratulations Suzi on one year of blogging! I am glad that I discovered it this summer. This bicycle post is very artistic!

-Suzie- said...

Thank you to all of you!
It is nice to have you stopping by from time to time.

Since you like the bicycles, I will tell you a bit about them:

The first one is the bicycle of my ayi. She parks her bicycle every morning in my garden after riding it for around 10 km from her home. And she rides it the same 10 km back in the evenings.

The second bicycle I have seen in the courtyard house of a painter in the art village at Songzhuang. Maybe it's the bike of this artist who sells his paintings for 5.000 USD and up.

The third bike was also seen in this art village. As the plants climbed their way up on the bike, I believe that the former owner of this bicycle either made enough money to afford a car or felt into a fairy sleep of a hundred years.

Alkemie said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging! Your comments about the history of each bicycle are interesting. Fun post :)

Princess Haiku said...

Wow, a fairy bike that was sleeping for one hundred years. What a great beginning for a folktale... And were would this bicycle take one I wonder.


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