Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Blogspot blocked in China

It is more than a week that all in a sudden I had no more access to my blog.

I know, blogspot has been blocked and unblocked and blocked again in China for a while. However I have managed to have access to blogspot here in Beijing from the moment I started my blog in December 2006. Back then, I did not even know it was blocked in China. Friends in Shanghai had no access and told me. So I wondered whether I am just lucky in Beijing or whether I have access via a proxy server. Until last week when I met the "Great Firewall of China" (GFC) that had swallowed my innocent blogs.

However there is this website that helps readers to go around the GFC that apparently exists not only in China but also in India, Pakistan and Iran. It is here at pkblogs.com where you type in the requested blog and it re-appears! Another more sophisticated IT support can be found at the lost laowai who posted a "quick fix" to use with Firefox.

At the moment I am using the first method (pkblogs.com) to read blogs on blogspot. However to write my blog I just need to go to blogger.com and access from there. Luckily Blogger is not blocked - (I just found out. The last three lines are an update).

It feels good to be back...


Surf around the Firewall with Anonymouse.org! With this help, I can finally read the China Digital Times (see blogroll).

If you want to start a blog and want people in China be able to read your blog then avoid the big free blog hosts (blogspot ect.) Better to get your own domain name.


Alkemie said...

The pkblogs.com is a really useful tip. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to register.


Vilijonkka said...

I had heard from my finnish blogfriends, that they do not have possibility to read my blogspot-blog. Well, here was the solution and I have as well one headache less.

tradingstocks2020 said...

blogger is really blocked...i wonder what's next? perhaps all the sites? wahahaha


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