Friday, 30 November 2007

Beijing: Vogue & Elle

I bought two magazines yesterday.
Vogue and Elle Decoration - the Chinese editions.
Guess how much I spent?
20 Yuan (kwai) each.
This is 1.83 Euro or 2.70 USD or 1.31 GBP each (today's exchange rate).
In China, the glossy magazines do not make a lot of money.
I guess, they just need to be in the market - or test the market.
And once readers' salaries are increasing they will slowly increase the prices as well. But so far, they need to be competitive.
While Elle Decoration has been launched in China in July 2004, Vogue just entered the market in September 2005.

I buy these magazines sometimes. I enjoy them. I look at the pictures. Foreign names are printed in roman letters. Adresses in Chinese are useful for the driver.

Oh, and the cover of the Elle Decoration answers a question you might have had:
Do Chinese celebrate Christmas?
Yes ... at least Christmas deco is everywhere: in restaurants, hotel lobbies, bars, shops, offices and on the streets. And while shopping for Christmas gifts they listen to Christmas songs (Ikea plays Christmas songs since the beginning of November) etc...

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