Friday, 23 March 2007

Beijing Shopping: DARA

DARA is offering elegant Asian and Western home decor. It runs its business since 1998 and has now three stores and an art gallery in Beijing. The product range inculdes chinese and western style furniture, 'antique' accessories, dishware, cushions, lamps, lush fabrics, mirrors, pottery and more. The art gallery in Dashanzi Art Zone 798 shows contempory art. It hosts as well the DARA club, a unique showroom space. DARA is appreciated by chinese and foreign customers. In their high glossy brochure they claim Hollywood director Oliver Stone to be one of their customers. Not only have they private customers but also real estate projects asked them to furnish their showrooms. DARA products are pricy in comparison to the home decor price level in Beijing. However they have been cultivating their brand when brand consciousness was not formed yet in China - and now they belong to the top addresses when it comes to interior decoration in Beijing.

Unfortunately the website is only for Chinese customers in chinese language and taste: see


xiexieniii said...


Is there a place to buy furniture and home furnishings in Beijing that is not on the pricey/high-end side? Like Ikea style furniture at Ikea prices, or even cheaper.

- Suzie - said...

Hi xiexieniii,

good question!
Actually, I never shopped at Dara, but often looked. Too expensive (some goods can be found for better price in BJ markets).

How about Illinois: Ikea like, maybe slightly more stylish, items and about same price.


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