Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Rap Song for Beijing

Jason Chu, a hip-hop artist from the US, had been living in Beijing for the last two years. He had been working, learning, and taking in the language and culture. Now, Jason is returning home and his latest rap song is a farewell letter to Beijing.

I am glad he sent me an email to share his video, saying the following:
"... As many expats know, leaving this country brings with it a mixture of emotions - everything from relief to a bittersweet sense of loss. As I reflect on this departure, I’ve been writing songs that talk about life here: both “the expat experience” and the local lives that I’ve come into contact with

This past weekend, I filmed and uploaded a music video for a song called City of the North, a letter to this city in all its difficulty, challenge, and unexpected beauty. It showcases the faces and lives that intersect in this explosion of culture: the students, migrant workers, expats, laobaixing, and more.

The song is the first track off the EP Goodbye, Beijing. that will be releasing on 4/21 at There will also be a release party/music video screening/farewell concert in Beijing's 798 art district. If you happen to be in town, or you have any friends or acquaintances who will be, you're definitely all invited to the event. (For more info, please contact

My music and thoughts on ABC (editor: American born Chinese) identity in China have been covered in the China Daily and on MSNBC."
I am featuring his music video, because I like it. It is something new to catch a glimpse of Beijing in a rap song! And Jason Chu is a special hip hop artist - follow the links to China Daily and on MSNBC and you will learn why. Also, I enjoyed recognising areas around Sanlitun (and very blue skies!) in his video, listening to the lyrics (the Lost Laowai printed them), and hearing a classic Chinese bow instrument embedded in a rap song. 

Thank you Jason, for sharing! Looking forward to the other songs! Good luck and safe journey home!

PS: Actually, the article over at MSNBC - "Not Chinese enough in China? Chinese-Americans caught between 2 worlds" - is a very interesting subject and worth a separate post.


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