Monday, 6 February 2012

Going back to Beijing

Green T House Living

I am looking forward to my trip to Beijing! Very much. Although it is much more complicated to get a VISA then a year ago. China seems much more careful with visitors. If you plan to visit China, check out the regulations for your country in advance to have enough time to prepare all the documents. When you stay at a private home, no matter Chinese or Alien, you will need their passport copies, residence permit and an invitation letter.

And maybe, I say maybe, as I am not sure, I had to provide further documents because I did not like to be a "housewife" by profession and therefore checked "retired" instead. The Chinese Embassy asked to provide bank statements. Probably to prove a regular income which makes me less a candidate to search for a job in Beijing.

BTW, if you are a writer or journalist - you will need to indicate that in your visa request.

Nevertheless, I am looking very much forward meeting friends in my former home town, going shopping and eating in some of my favorite restaurants - and refresh my Mandarin. Also I am curious to see how much has Beijing has changed again since my last visit (15 months ago).

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