Monday, 28 November 2011

Beijing Air is not healthy and where to get regular updates about Beijing Air Quality

I used to check the government website for air quality here. It provides daily the Air Pollution Index (API) and corresponding grade for about 85 Chinese cities.

But when you live in Beijing you would be interested in getting this information updated more regularly throughout the day. Especially, if you want to go for outdoor activities, you better check the air quality as the air is really bad in winter. Today early afternoon, the API was over 400! Now, 11pm it is down to 107.

You can find the information via

actual information and overview throughout the day

The Beijing Air Quality Index of shows the actual API. It also shows the actual level or grade of pollution based on US standards, all levels of the last 24 hours (by colour) and its lowest and highest API of the last 24 hours.

the scale is divided in 6 levels based on the US standards

This information above is provided by the US Embassy. But the data is collected by anonymous in Chaoyang District and twittered every one or two hours (see below):

follow twitter @BeijingAir or

Today at 11pm, the API was down to 107 (via while the Ministry of Environmental Protection indicates a similar API of 109 - but that shows only the lowest particle rate for the day.

If you are interested in other articles I have written about air quality in Beijing, go here to see all - or read just one about polluted blue skies here.

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