Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Be an artist and add to the installation of Mo Yi at the Opposite House

During these cold winter days in Beijing, you might come along the streets of Sanlitun. And when the icy wind makes you shiver, stop by The Opposite House - the boutique hotel with the green glass front - for a hot tea or a tasty lunch - and for some fun creativity.

The Opposite House is hosting an installation of Mo Yi (see press release below) and is inviting guests to interact. Get your eyes photographed and think about issues related to sight. Write it around your photo in your language and let it be part of the growing installation. - You will also get a copy as a souvenir to take home.

You can be an artist while in Beijing.

This reminds me of a quote of the German provocateur artist Joseph Beuys: " Jeder Mensch ein Kuenstler" - everyone (is) an artist - meaning, that everyone can be creative and reflecting . It does not take much - and it makes the world a better place.

The installation will be running until December 31st 2011. The interactive session is from 11.00am to 2.00pm daily in the atrium of The Opposite House, Beijing. The photographer will be taking photo of the guests and adding the new photos to the installation.

The following information is provided by the public relations representative of the Opposite House:

The Opposite House is pleased to present “Through My Eyes,” an interactive photography installation by artist Mo Yi from the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, from October 19 to December 31, 2011. Through the presentation of multiple photographs of eyes, the viewer is asked to contemplate several issues related to sight, such as race, geographic region, gender, age, experience, personality, thought and desire. The exhibition will explore the interplay between the audience, artist and photography.

Visitors are invited to have their eyes photographed on site (available two hours each day) and to help complete the installation by adding text to the edges of the resulting print. Each participant will be given an additional copy of the photograph to take home. The ever-changing installation strives to act as a bridge for expression and communication between people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

“We’re delighted to present Mo Yi’s interactive installation as a way to explore and understand the individual response to being and reflecting on important issues that affect us all. The participation in the installation is key to this dynamic project, and we’re honored to have it at The Opposite House,” says Anthony Ross, Area General Manager of Swire Hotels.

Mo Yi has been photographing urban life in China for the past thirty years. He has widely exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Asia (China, Japan, Korea), Europe (Belgium, Germany, Italy) and the USA. His work has been collected internationally by many museums and private collectors from USA, France, Britain, Japan and China. He currently works and lives in Beijing.

The Opposite House is committed to supporting the growing contemporary Chinese art scene and emerging local artists in every medium, from sculptures to music to film. “Through My Eyes” demonstrates The Opposite House’s commitment to bringing the best art programs, establishing it as a prominent venue for culture and lifestyle.

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Yvalie said...

That is a very cool installation. I did not realize that you could be part of it - what a shame. We had been visiting later at night. But it was worth it nonetheless.
I am curious what the new exhibition will be about.
All the best,


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