Tuesday, 19 May 2009

better get a .com domain name for China readers ?

Ah, this is really a mess!

Why again?!

I get emails that people even cannot access there blogger accounts anymore to continue blogging, not to speak of all the readers in China that cannot read the blogs anymore ...

I checked my country statistic and it is true: no more hits from mainland China!

Not only the editor and readers, also the sponsors are not amused !

I think it was never that bad since I started blogging. It means even the little tricks to go around the Great Firewall of China do not work anymore!

I also own the domain name BeijingNotebook.com
So far I deemed it not necessary to use it. I was afraid of loosing all comments and get a set-back in the google ranking (which is 4 out of 10 so far).

If the situation is still the same next week, I will set a pointer (have to find out how?!) to allow the use of the '.com' domain name that will then redirect to my blogspot address. Any hints from experts? The best way to do this?
Thanks !
Xie Xie !


Ms. Katherine Wheeler said...

Hello, I have published "several" sites on blogspot for teaching to my students. I plan to teach in China... and are you telling me that I won't be able to access three years of publishing... I use my blogspot to teach poetry, English, Advanced English classes, script writing, etc. and etc. HELP... please tell me how to translate these site before I go to China. I don't want to loose year so of valuable work.

- Suzie - said...

Dear Ms. Katherine Wheeler,

don't worry! Your sites / posts on blogspot are safe.

However China is blocking the access to your blog, respectively to all blogs hosted on blogger, blogspot, worldpress etc.

I guess they are so maniac about it lately because of '4/6'
It might open up again or at least you or your students will find ways around with the help of other websites (I posted about it before).

BUT the most elegant solution will be to get a proper domain name hosted by some service company for about 5 to 10 USD per month. This domain name has to point to your blog and that's how Chinese readers can access it.

I still need to do that with my blog...

Anonymous said...

omg, you mean I won't be able to access wordpress too?? I especially made a blog for my studies in beijing..
do you know any other blogs in english which one can access in china


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